Business Support Packages

Our Business Support Packages offer three levels of on-going practical and strategic support to your business

  • Support 6 – ½ a day of support per month
  • Support 12 – 1 day of support per month
  • Support 24 – 2 days of support per month

support-arrowsEach package is spread over a 12-month period and allows us to develop an on-going relationship to make sure any changes that are implemented really stick.

Once you have decided which level is suitable, we will contact you to arrange an informal opening meeting in order to gain a better understanding of your organisation. Together we will draw up an action plan detailing areas where you would like assistance, highlighting key delivery dates.

Support can be delivered via a variety of channels including one-to-one meetings, email exchanges, telephone conversations and practical guidance sessions – you choose the ones most suitable to your own circumstances.

Find out how some of our current customers have put their Business Support Packages to use:

  • Interviewing, selecting and inducting new employees
  • Implementing an effective quality management system
  • Improving customer service

In addition to the pre-planned support detailed in your action plan, our business consultants can also help with ad hoc issues that may arise for your company throughout the 12-month period.

To understand fully the benefits of the service, have a look through our frequently asked questions and with competitive prices, a Business Support Package represents an excellent investment in the future of your business.

Examples of how to use a Business Support Package

Interviewing, selecting and inducting new employees
We guided a customer in the engineering field through the process of recruiting a range of employees. This involved input and guidance on writing a job description and personal profile for each role, assistance with the actual interview process, guidance on writing contracts of employment and input on the planning and delivery of tailor-made induction programmes.

Implementing an effective quality management system
We developed and implemented a simple but effective quality management system for the owner of a country house hotel and leisure business. This involved the development of a few key procedures, the creation of some internal forms to capture information, the development of key KPIs, the instigation of quarterly business reviews and establishment of customer feedback routes.

Improving customer service
We helped an emerging management consultancy improve customer service. This entailed identifying a number of skills gaps within the existing team of employees and arranging internal and external training sessions to address the situation. We also built an effective yet simple to use customer contact database and assisted with an appropriate implementation and training programme.

Key Features

  • Business support and advice over a 12-month period
  • Option of ½ a day, 1 day or 2 days of support per month
  • Flexible allocation of contact time
  • Expertise across all key areas of running a company
  • Non-confrontational and discreet approach
  • Delivery of support according to client preference
  • Both practical and strategic advice
  • Itemised billing with spread payments

Business Support Package – Frequently asked questions

If you find it difficult to use your monthly allocation due to holidays, busy periods or unplanned operational issues, don’t worry; you can roll over your remaining allocation for use at a more suitable time for both parties later on in the 12-month period.
Simply pick up the phone for a chat – we will try to resolve your issues as soon as we can. As well as offering the pre-planned support appearing in your action plan, you can rely on our help to deal with the ad hoc issues that may arise for your company; for example, coping with a downturn in business, replacing a valuable member of the team who has a requested a six-month ‘career break’ or handling a sudden rise feedback from your customers.
During an informal meeting at the start of the service, you and your business consultant will sit down and draw up an action plan of areas where you would like our support. We will then closely monitor and report on our progress against this plan. In addition, we will undertake a review at the end of the 12-month period to ensure we have met all our targets.
We are more than happy to provide additional assistance over and above your pre-determined number of days. Depending on the particular circumstance, we can either make a deduction against next month’s allocation or make a one-off charge. Rest assured, we would discuss both options with you before we proceed.
To help spread the cost of the support, payments will be set up via a monthly standing order. Simply fill in one of our forms and we will make the necessary arrangements with your bank.