Business Health Checks

A Business Health Check is a condensed review of your company, offering insight into areas of your business that are performing well and identifying those that could benefit from development.

health-check-arrowsOnce you decide to go ahead with a Business Health Check, we will contact you to arrange an informal opening meeting and spend a few hours running through our specially designed questionnaire in order to get a good understanding of your organisation.

Your business consultant will spend time on-site observing your business and chatting to members of your team, discreetly observing methods of working and enquiring about established procedures. Once we have pulled together all our feedback we will arrange a closing meeting with you. The session will be a detailed discussion of our findings and we’ll present you with a summary report, incorporating suggested ‘action points’.

The Business Health Check is a smart investment in your company’s future.

Key Features

  • One-off review of your company
  • Non-confrontational and discreet approach
  • Highlights areas that are performing well and those in need of further development
  • Informal opening meeting to discuss organisation
  • Observation time at your premises
  • Closing meeting and issue of a summary report with key ‘action points’
  • Expertise across all key areas of running a company
  • Itemised billing